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Your BIG AUDACIOUS dreams are depending on you to grow and develop. They need you to nurture them, by investing in your own personal growth and development. Owning your unique power, and committing to never ever give up, even in the face of fear, is what it takes to give birth to your dreams. You are more powerful, and more capable than you can ever imagine. You deserve happiness, meaning and financial wealth. When you do what you love, use your God given gifts and talents, in service to others, financial rewards are its benefits. It’s time to GO GET IT. #GameOn. Click the titles below to learn more about what we offer.


Strengths Based Development Coaching: Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Couples

(Insightful, Collaborative, Impactful)

An insightful tailored (up to 12 weeks) journey designed to deliver successful results.

During our journey together, we will

  • Clarify the desired outcomes
  • Discover your talents and potential necessary to successfully accomplish your goals
  • Create an actionable strategy that delivers powerful results
  • Identify the next right action step
  • Explore limiting beliefs that may impact progress
  • Make and Measure Progress
  • Make course adjustments, as required
  • Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

There will be a series of either in-person or virtual activities such as:

  • One-on-one initial fit discussion (virtual or in-person)
  • Weekly one-on-one engaging coaching sessions
  • 1 inspiring book to support personal growth and development
  • 1 live retreat (12 week session only)
  • 50% discounts for 1 live retreat (8 week session)
  • 25% discounts for 1 live retreat (under 8 week)

Would YOU greatly benefit from coaching? The answer is YES if you can relate to the following:

  • You desire to be successful in delivering your personal or business goals, dreams, or vision but doubt you are good enough
  • You feel paralyzed and unable to make meaningful progress in getting desired results
  • You lack confidence in your ability to deliver
  • You find it challenging to take the first step

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Signature Game Changer© and Tailored Retreats

(Breakthrough, Transformation)

Game Changer LIVE: is a 3-day immersion experience, that answers the call of expanded possibilities, continuous growth, and a break through that will move you or your organization forward, to create real and lasting results. It’s time you create your greatest success story!


Unplug, Reset, Clarify, Breakthrough, Unleash, Engage, Plan, Activate


Transformed,Refreshed,Energized, Equipped, Supported,Inspired to Act

Come experience the power and energy of Game Changer©.  Immerse in what’s powerful about you, great about you, possible for you, and breakthrough the barriers that have kept you stuck.  Take the leap into your most powerful story.

One of the most amazing elements of Game Changer, is the realization that in order to change the game, you don’t have to be more of anything or of anyone, but yourself.  It’s true, it’s You are “enough” and empowered to create a different outcome.  We will invest 3 days in discovering your infinite potential, and setting free your inner leader.


Tailored Experience: The Positive Deviant group also offers a tailored
retreat experience for organizations who desire to explore their positive core, set an
aligned vision, dream of what’s possible, and develop an actionable strategy to accomplish their organizations’ mission and goals.  We provide an experience that positively transforms the organization through aligning and transforming the leadership.

Game On!

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Positive Deviant Group Mastermind

(Solid, Collaborative, Impactful)

Powerful Six-month Transformation Journey:

The mastermind is a six-month transformational journey designed to develop individuals, provide strategic coaching,  experience the power of the collective genius, positively transform lives, and get results in a GROUP setting.

During our journey, there will be a series of activities such as: Never stop learningone-on-one initial assessment

and interviews.

  • monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • 2 group calls per month
  • 1 book per quarter
  • 3 virtual workshops
  • Facilitated discussions
  • 2 live retreats

We have a phased approach to the journey:

Phase 1) Discovery and Assessment and Phase: We will conduct interviews to discover who you are when you are at your best, assess individual emotional intelligence and individual strengths, discover your energy networks, and identify your strategic goals, barriers, priorities, and risks.  We will explore what’s possible for the you and define a desired future state. The outcome of Phase 1 will consist of a current state assessment, and a clarified vision for your future state.

Phase 2) Development and Implementation: During Phase 2, we will develop an actionable strategy to deliver the desired future state identified in Phase 1.  Together, we will develop and implement strategies and solutions to improve interpersonal relationships, increase emotional intelligence, and obtain your desired outcomes.   Our goal is to help position and align you with your vision, and support you in delivering the vision.

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Transition Coaching: Planned and Unplanned Disruptions

(Assess, Recover, Results)

For entrepreneurs and individuals, who  are planning a major transition or must transition after a planned or unplanned major disruption.

This is a 3-month coaching program designed to help you plan and take action on a major planned disruption or to quickly recover and re-establish a clear vision, in order to smoothly transition in the direction of progress after a major unplanned disruption.

During this 3-month period we will assess what structures remain and what new structures must be erected to support positive forward progress.  We will uncover and explore new opportunities expected or resulting from the disruption. We will explore who you are at your best and what’s possible for you.  We will define a clarified vision for the future state and develop a road map depicting the high-level steps required to deliver the desired outcomes, and to successfully obtain the future state.

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

GameChanger© ½-day workshops

(Condensed and Impactful)

For entrepreneurs, and individuals with an inspired vision.

Bring your game changingideas and turn them into outcomes

There is no better way to spend a ½-day on Saturday that will shorten the gap between your current state and your inspired  future state.  We promise to EMPOWER, EQUIP, INSPIRE ACTION, and shorten the gap between NOW and your VISION.  This workshop will provide a road map on how to turn an inspired idea in to an actionable strategy.  

  • Reset
  • Discover
  • Dream
  • Overcome
  • Deliver

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Live and Virtual Training: “Laying a Game-Changing Foundation”

For growth minded individuals 

Seven weeks that promise to EMPOWER, EQUIP, INSPIRE ACTION, and shorten the gap between your current-state and your desired outcomes. This seven-week training will provide a road map on how  to create a different outcome by turning an inspired idea into an actionable strategy.   We will explore the pillars required for you as an influential leader.  In addition, we will assess your ability  to influence outcomes in four key areas of leadership to include, people skills, vision, strategy and results.

Come and:

  • Reset
  • Discover
  • Dream
  • Overcome
  • Deliver

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Impact Hour: “POSITIONED to WIN”

women winning

For entrepreneurs, and individuals with an inspired vision, who are ready to create a different outcome.

Are you feeling Stuck and Disempowered in your current state?
Are you Ready to Influence Change?

Do you have an Inspired Vision to Deliver?

No matter where you are on your journey in delivering your Vision, whether it’s personal, with your team, or the organization you lead:
You must deliver from your empowered position. Come discover what gives you your unique edge, and leave inspired, and empowered to take action!
Join us for an HOUR of IMPACT.

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Keynote Speaker

Donna-268Need a Speaker who inspires BOLD ACTIONS that create BOLD RESULTS?  No one embodies this more than Donna Barr. As a highly respected Leadership Consultant, Coach, and founder of Bold Actions©, Donna is dedicated to skillfully communicating, empowering, equipping and inspiring actions. She delivers a message that will unite and provoke a shared commitment and sense of urgency in delivering your Vision.