We develop leaders who are committed to maximizing potential, giving birth to an inspired vision, and creating strengths-based environments where innovation is the rule not the exception.

The Positive Deviant group supports leaders likeBig Results yourself: positive, spiritual, intelligent, purpose driven and powerful. Leaders who
are called to transform their personal lives, build teams and organizations where PEOPLE are valued, STRENGTHS are developed, VIRTUOUSNESS is cultivated, and AUTHENTICITY is praised. We support Leaders who think OUTSIDE of the box, who foster environments where IDEAS flow freely, where collaborative high performing TEAMS and INNOVATION is the rule not the exception.

We influence positive new ways of thinking, feeling, speaking, and behaving.

We are known for taking a chaotic, disjointed team or organization and transforming it into an energized, engaged unit through leveraging each individual’s strengths and encouraging them to see their team or organization through the lens of strengths, possibility and potential.

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Strengths-Based Leadership and Workforce Alignment

For leaders and organizations with an inspired vision

Transformation Journey: Tailored to the needs of the client partner.

This initiative is a transformational journey designed to develop leaders and positively transform the culture of your organization. We understand that lasting change is an inside-out job, and that it takes time to influence and develop new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

During our journey, there will be a series of activities such as one-on-one interviews, focus groups, workshops, one-on-one executive coaching, team builds, leadership labs, and facilitated discussions. We have a phased approach to the journey:

Phase 1) Discovery and Assessment

In Phase 1, we will conduct interviews to discover who you are when you are at your best as an organization, assess individual emotional intelligence and individual strengths, discover your energy networks, and identify the strategic goals, barriers, priorities, and risks. We will explore what’s possible for the organization and define a desired future state. The outcome of Phase 1 will consist of a current state assessment, and a clarified vision for the future state.

Phase 2) Development and Implementation

During Phase 2, we will develop an actionable strategy to deliver the desired future state identified in Phase 1. We will develop and implement strategies and solutions to improve interpersonal relationships, increase emotional intelligence, and improve performance goals. We will also increase effective collaboration, and achieve higher levels of engagement. Our goal is to help position and align the organization with the strengths of your resources. This journey will bring positive change in the intangibles: morale, engagement, momentum, and energy, and will ultimately result in improvements of the tangibles: quality, productivity, and the bottom-line.

NAICS: 54161, 541612, 541618 (Federal Contracting)

Innovation and Solutions Lab


Turning your ideas into impactful solutions.

A story told

A prototype developed

A concept proved

A model designed

A pilot ready

A vision lived

A smart buyer

What Happens when individuals, groups and organizations begin to view themselves as solutions to the collective vision? Do you need a place to brainstorm, collaborate,  get smart on the latest technology or bring integrated teams to get work done?

A place of discovery, ideas, collaboration, and solutions.

Take Ownership of your future; develop and retain your Intellectual and Knowledge Capital.  Get smart on what you are buying.  Discover what’s behind the promises,  what’s under the hood of the solutions you buy.  Get smart on the requirements you need to develop.

Partner with us to bring your new ideas to market,  to  educate you on  your current and future technology needs.   We bridge the gap between people, value, vendors and technology.

The old adage of outsourcing leading and emerging technology,  without understanding the value delivered is over. Who knows your organization better than you? Bring your best and brightest to our labs, generate new ideas, solve intra- and extra-organizational challenges,  get smart, turn your ideas into impactful solutions.

You are not alone; we will assemble the right team of subject-matter experts to support you in bringing your ideas to life, to educate you , to get smart on current and future technology acquistions.

Our innovation lab is your solution in maintaining intellectual and knowledge capital within your organization. We provide an innovative and inspiring space, software and the right support to  ensure your infrastructure,  security, storage, and services needs are aligned with the needs of your organization.  Bring your best and brightest talent to lead the way in creating, designing, and implementing leading and emerging information technologies. We tailor the lab to suit your unique needs and challenges.

Our lab provides a place to incubate and pilot your ideas in support of your current and future vision.

NAICS: 511210, 518111, 518210, 54151, 54161 (Federal Contracting)


StrengthsFinder 2.0 - For Individuals, Managers and Teams

(Insightful, Collaborative, Impactful)

The most effective leaders have this one thing in common:

They are aware of their strengths and know how to leverage them to address their challenges and accomplish their mission. They don’t waste time with fixing their weaknesses, but create strategic partnerships to leverage the strengths of others.

When we do the same, there is an increase in:

Overall well being.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 has become a popular tool for conducting team building at corporations and non-profit organizations around the globe. The #1 Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller, the StrengthsFinder training seminar helps individuals and teams become aware of, appreciate, apply, and integrate their natural innate talents into their respective roles.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 helps individuals and teams discover their unique talents for greater individual/team engagement, performance, and improved business outcomes. More than 14 million people have taken StrengthsFinder around the world.

Not surprisingly, the #1 talent theme for men in America is “Achiever” and for women, “Responsibility” leads the way.

StrengthsFinder helps us begin to discover answers to questions, such as:

What does it take to create lasting change in our life?
How can we experience more success and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives?
How might we reach our potential as individuals, teams or organizations?
How do we grow and develop as individuals?
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What’s blocking my success?

This insightful and engaging StrengthsFinder workshop is an excellent for personal and professional development, and increased self awareness. It’s also an excellent for organizations, work-teams, staff retreats or corporate team-building event.

StrengthsFinder Workshop Outcomes:

Gain greater self-awareness and personal and team alignment
Understand how to identify triggers and strength “basement” behaviors that may prevent progress
Increase employee engagement and business productivity
Gain techniques to address personal and team challenges
Understand how to build effective partnerships
Transform relationships in your personal life as well as the workplace
Increase individual and team performance
Use strengths to improve results and reach goals
Experience an energizing and fun session
StrengthsFinder Team Workshop:

The StrengthsFinder 2.0 training seminar can be presented in  1.5 hour mini sessions, half-day (4-5 hour) or full-day (7-8 hour) blocks of time and can be conducted at your organization, an area hotel, or offsite.

We also offer strategy sessions to review your strenght results.


Two (2) Strengths Finder Workshops:

(1) Engaging Individuals & Teams Through Strengths

A half-day (3-4 hour) training experience is offered and geared to help individuals discover how they can use and develop their natural strengths and talents to bring out their best contribution in their personal lives, or to the organization as an individual, a team member, and/or team leader. We focus in on each participant’s Top 5 Signature Strengths as we cover all 34 talents. We also look at how to work more effectively as a team as we profile team strengths within your unique relationship or organization. A customized team talent map and supplemental materials are provided.

(2) Developing Strengths-Based Managers & Teams

A full-day (7-8 hour) training experience is offered for managers and supervisors. Your managers will first discover and unlock the potential of their own talents and strengths and then learn how to use their strengths to manage, develop, coach and motivate strengths-based teams.  This workshop equips managers  to maximize the potential of each employee under their leadership and supervision in order to deepen employee engagement, increase team productivity and drive business results across their department.

Be Empowered, Be Unstoppable, Get Results!

Keynote Speaker

Donna-268Need a Speaker who inspires BOLD ACTIONS that create BOLD RESULTS?  No one embodies this more than Donna Barr. As a highly respected Leadership Consultant, Coach, and founder of Bold Actions©, Donna is dedicated to skillfully communicating, empowering, equipping and inspiring actions. She delivers a message that will unite and provoke a shared commitment and sense of urgency in delivering your Vision.