Are you a game changer and influencer in an organization where:

  • You are re-organizing, and need people buy-in
  • You want to improve the employee or customer experience
  • You are standing up a whole new organization, and need alignment of people
  • Turnover is high
  • Morale and performance is at an all-time low
  • Conflict is impacting the ability to get work done
  • Productivity, profits, and engagement is low
  • Communication and collaboration is poor
  • Employee’s success is a key driver
  • A more positive and inclusive culture is a priority

We would love to support your journey to envision, execute and deliver your desired outcomes.


  • Radical commitment
  • Results
  • High energy
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Intense and intentional focus on the Positive and natural potential
  • Strategies for managing around weaknesses
  • Infusion of positive energy to support forward progress
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Positive Transformation

“Bringing Donna on board has directly impacted many of our programs by reshaping the way our leaders think, act and react.  Her high energy and optimistic outlook has had a tremendous impact on staffing, retention, and strategy.  In addition, her one-on-one engagements have helped to build confident leaders.  Her positivity is contagious! “ LM Client

Lockheed Martin's Customer

Program Manager, Lockheed Martin