Owner, Transformation Coach and Consultant

Her motto: Change is a natural disrupter, leverage it to create your desired outcome….Donna-268

Passion. Enthusiasm. Inspiration. Leadership. BOLD ACTIONS. These are the words that immediately come to mind when you think of Donna Barr. Her practical, focused way of taking action in her own life, as well as inspiring action in the lives of others is what led her to create her signature coaching program BOLD ACTIONS(BA). It is an effective and positive transformational development program that positions individuals, teams and organizations  to be empowered,  and resilient as they create positive outcomes. BA begins with self awareness and ends with bold actions, to drive positive change.

Ms. Barr believes:

  • We all are leaders, and leaders create positive change.
  • Your effectiveness as a leader is directly impacted by your commitment to personal growth and self-awareness.
  • A spiritual perspective is an empowered perspective.
  • Progress is made outside of your comfort zone.
  • To deliver your inspired vision, you must translate it into an actionable strategy, and back it with bold actions.

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She has mastered creating positive change in her own life, designing and living her ideal, after experiencing a major loss.  She believes that challenges should be viewed as OPPORTUNITES for Positive Change.  Positive Change fuels innovation and creativity, it’s the gateway to creating something extraordinary. She has helped  individuals and  organizational  leaders bring Positive Change to their life and organizations that they lead. Her systematic and practical approach in helping leaders be successful in giving birth to their desired outcomes, is tailored to the uniqueness of the individual  or organization.

Ms. Barr develops and empowers  individuals and organizations by increasing self-awareness, identifying strengths, values, passions, and purpose (What’s Great about us), clarifying inspired vision (What’s Possible), identifying and removing limiting beliefs and barriers (Resilience ), creating actionable strategies (approach & plan), and inspiring BOLD ACTIONS (What’s the next Action).  Ms.  Barr supports you in giving birth to your to-be state using an inside out approach.

She brings over 20+ years corporate experience as an IT professional and leader. Ms. Barr was not only known for her sharp technical skills as a software engineer, but was recognized for her positive attitude, her innate ability to discover the talents in those she led and motivating them to act, as well as her ability to foster trusting relationships with her colleagues, teams, and customers. As an innovative leader she mastered the soft skills of self-awareness, team-building, facilitation, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and delivering RESULTS. She is a member of the renowned Les Brown Platinum Speakers and has been selected among the top 5 in “Communicate Your Way to Greatness”.

Ms. Barr is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. She has a BS degree in Computer Science from Winston State University, and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology from John’s Hopkins University.   But what Donna believes is, that none of her formal education, compares to her degree in life, gained from transforming some of her most difficult challenges into her greatest opportunities. She is the very proud mother of 3 handsome adult sons,  and a grandson who she considers the best part of her life story.

To learn more about how you can work with Donna Barr to transform your life, or organization OR to book her for a speaking engagement, team building event, interview, or as a leadership coach please contact her at donnabarr@positivedeviantgroup.com